Who Gets What

Let’s take our simple family tree and put names on it, to make it easier to follow.

Simple Example

  • Abby, a widow, died in Florida, without a will.
  • Abby had two children, Bob and Carol.
  • Bob is still alive.
  • Carol died before Abby.
  • Bob had two children, Deb and Ed, who are both still alive.
  • Carol had two children, Fran and Greg, who are both still alive.

Who Gets What

  • Bob: 1/2 (50%)
  • Fran: 1/4 (25%)
  • Greg: 1/4 (25%)
  • Deb: 0
  • Ed: 0


If Carol were still alive, she and Bob would each inherit half of Abby’s estate.

Bob’s Half

Bob gets his half, because he is still alive. Deb and Ed get nothing.

Carol’s Half

Fran and Greg split Carol’s half.

More Examples

Many more examples of who gets what, in different situations, can be found here.