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Did you inherit real estate?

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Has no probate been done?

Are there unpaid property taxes?

Are there unpaid mortgage payments?

Are there unpaid association fees?

No Probate

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No Probate = No Insurable Title

Without a probate, title insurance companies won’t issue a policy, and most buyers won’t buy.

Unpaid Taxes

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When property taxes go unpaid, interest and fees add up. The longer the taxes go unpaid, the harder it is for the heirs to get anything for the property.

Unpaid Mortgages


When mortgages go unpaid, interest rates jump, and late charges, attorney fees, and foreclosure costs can eat away at any equity left in the property, most of the time, leaving the heirs with nothing.

Unpaid Association Fees


Homeowner and condo association are notorious for charging high fees for late payments. Some of them will also foreclose quite quickly, adding court costs, and expensive attorney fees. Often, the heirs get nothing afterwards.

Property Auctions

house auction

Eventually, if the taxes, mortgage, or HOA payments aren’t made, the property will be put up for auction. Whether you lose your inherited real estate at a tax auction, a foreclosure auction, or an HOA auction, odds are you won’t get much, if anything.

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